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You can get 5 amazing experiences in Sabah

Posted By on 2016-07-14 in Blogs
You can get 5 amazing experiences in Sabah
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The Sabah state does not require any introduction since most of us already know about the state. With its legendary charm, the state is able to attract a large number of visitors. Sabah state is surrounded by a large ocean that looks stunning because of its attractive greenish blue color. The state is dotted with a hidden treasure of scenic islands. Natural beauty of the Sabah state attracts tourists from the distant as well as the nearby lands.

The state couples its amazing culture with its glorious history and offers the same to its visitors. When you visit Sabah, you can explore many tourist spots and do lots of things. You can get 5 amazing experiences in Sabah that are listed here.

Magnificent Mount Kinabalu

The majestic mountain Mount Kinabalu towers at a height of 4,095m. Mount Kinabalu is not just the highest mountain peak in Malaysia; it is the summit that allows you to get a truly striking view of the sky. It also offers you a complete view of the surrounding areas.

Mount Kinabalu, is known to be the highest mountain in Malaysia. This majestic mountain is one of Sabah’s many iconic sights. Today, this iconic mountain has become the identity of Sabah.

New and better trails have been built recently, so, now people are excited to ascend the mountain more than they have ever been. If you are highly interested in the natural aesthetics, you should go on Ranau trail. While you can use Ranu trail for picturesque encounters, you should use the steeper Kota Belud trail for more adventure and a more challenging climbing experience. If you are a very adventurous person, you should also explore the other climbing routes that can be utilized to scale the mountain.

Spectacular beaches and islands

When you visit Sabah, you should not miss its attractive beaches and islands. You must get a view of Sabah’s long, spectacular coastline that stretches over 2,600km.

For an extraordinary experience, you must visit the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, which is the first national park in Malaysia. If you take a boat ride, then it will take only 15 minutes to reach this park from Kota Kinabalu. This watery park is home to 5 islands. These 5 beautiful islands are Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik, Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi, and Pulau Sulug. You will get a priceless view of crystal clear waters that contain a rich, vibrant marine life.

Local markets

The shopping scene is not at all bad in Sabah. In fact shopping scene is as great as the natural magnificence of this state. The local market is called “Tamu”, and you can enjoy shopping in Tamu. The “Gaya Street Sunday market” is the most popular one and you can get all kinds of items in this market such as local crafts, plants, food, artwork and many other items.

Do you want to purchase top quality pearls and jewelry? To buy these items, you should go to the handicraft market. You can also get dried food including salted fish, prawns, and anchovies in this market.

You can get fresh, delicious seafood and specialty dishes

In Sabah, you might love to indulge in the tempting seafood which is freshly obtained from the huge ocean. You can get the food for discounted prices, so, you might have to pay just a fraction of the common price.

Seafood restaurants are particularly popular among tourists. In Sandakan, you can enjoy lobster noodle as breakfast. However, mostly the fish noodle is available everywhere and served as the normal food item. Fish noodle can be enjoyed as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Apart from seafood, you also have other items to eat. Many specialty dishes are also offered such as “bambangan” which is a type of wild mango, “pinasakan” which is a traditional dish of braised basung fish & fruit, and “ambuyat” which is made from sago starch which is collected from both the east and the west coasts.

Stunning sunsets


In addition to Mount Kinabalu and the magnificent islands and beaches, amazing scene of sunset is another big attraction.

Here, you will get a view of clear skyline that will astonish you. In addition, you get splendid views of the setting sun. Due to these spectacular sights, the perfect romantic scenery is created.

At the beaches and other popular hangout spots, you will see people pulling out their cameras to capture quick photos of the sunset. You can get to see golden sunsets in different areas of Kota kinabalu such as the Waterfront and the Tanjung Aru beach.

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