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Wesak 2015 ~ Let us celebrate Lord Buddha Birthday in Malaysia

Posted By on 2015-05-02 in Blogs
Wesak 2015 ~ Let us celebrate Lord Buddha Birthday in Malaysia
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Wesak 2015 – Let us celebrate Buddha's Birthday in Malaysia

Malaysia is an ideal country for the fun-loving, the adventure freaks, the nature lovers, as well as, for the people who seek spiritual knowledge. If you have never been on a spiritual tour to Malaysia, you should take a trip soon! Ask an expert organizer and they will exceptionally plan a memorable spiritual tour to the paradise of Asia for you.

                        Do you know about Wesak?

If you have never known about the events that are celebrated by the Buddhists in various countries, you might not have awareness about the significance of the Wesak event in Buddhism. Wesak is a very special occasion for all the followers of Buddhism. On this special day, Buddhists remember the birth, the enlightenment, and the departure (death) of Gautama Buddha. This event is widely celebrated in a number of Southeast Asian countries; this day is a public holiday in many Asian countries such as Sri Lanka,  Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Significance of Wesak Day in Malaysia

Malaysia is a multicultural country and numerous festivals and events are celebrated in this country. Wesak is one such special festival that is celebrated throughout the country with utmost devotion, passion, and enthusiasm. Wesak is a unique festival that attracts people of all religions. So, in addition to the Buddhists, people of different faiths also participate in Wesak celebrations. Usually people think that Wesak is Buddha's birthday, however, this is not the fact. In truth, Wesak marks the birth, the enlightenment, and the death of Tathagata. There exists many sects in Buddhism and Wesak is celebrated by all sects of this religion.

What activities are usually performed on the Wesak day?

On this special day, the white-robed monks gather at the temple before dawn as the celebration begins at dawn. Monks hoist the Buddhist flag and they also sing hymns. The devoted Buddhists talk about the eight percepts of Buddha. Food is given to the needy people and prayers are performed. The worshipers also offer beautiful flowers, colorful candles, joss-sticks, and incense to Lord Buddha.

The date of Wesak festival

The date of Wesak is different every year and it also varies from country to country. The date of this festival depends on the calendar that is followed in a particular country. The date also depends on the sect of Buddhism that people follow in the country. Generally, lunar, luni-solar, or traditional calendar is used, so, the date of festival is set accordingly. The event is commemorated all over the world; this year, it will be celebrated on the third day of May month, in Malaysia.

Buddhist destinations to be visited in Malaysia on the Wesak day?

Visit the most notable Buddhist sites with help of tour planners of high repute - they can assist you in many ways. If you are in high spirits and you really have a desire to connect to the supreme power and gain spiritual knowledge, don't miss a chance to travel through Malaysia and take part in 2015 Wesak celebrations!

Looking for more information on Wesak?  Here you will know about Top 10 Buddhist Temples in Malaysia that you can visit to celebrate Wesak.


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