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Upcoming events Music, Dance, Theater shows and Art Exhibitions in Kuala Lumpur

Posted By on 2015-11-13 in Blogs
Upcoming events Music, Dance, Theater shows and Art Exhibitions in Kuala Lumpur
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Upcoming events Music, Dance, Theater shows and Art Exhibitions in Kuala Lumpur 


Kuala Lumpur is a busy metropolis that offers both visual and gastronomical delights to everyone who takes interest in exploring this city. lots of activities happen in KL all the time that means something interesting happens in Kuala Lumpur on all days. So, this city is active 24/7.

Plenty of music, dance, and art shows are organized at various places in Kuala Lumpur. These events are vibrant, unique, and full of glamour. Some of the events are being organized to help needy people or to keep Malaysia's old traditions alive, while others are organized just to offer people an opportunity to dance, sing, eat, play, talk, chit-chat, shop, get healed, and know the spirit of Malaysia. You may be interested in upcoming events, so, some latest picks have been listed here - don't forget to be a part of these events on your Kuala Lumpur City Tour.

Free shows organized by Pusaka

Pusaka is an NGO that organizes numerous shows around the Kuala Lumpur city at different times. In addition, every month it organizes shows in the Publika mall in the Blackbox theatre. This NGO operates to get Malaysian people and tourists introduced to the unique Malaysian traditional arts. Most of the shows are free for public. People are encouraged to learn various traditional art forms, preserve them, and join the NGO. The Malaysian art forms that are performed include mak yong (dance theatre), wayang kulit (shadow puppetry), Main Puteri, Kuda Kepang, and several Chinese art forms.

Sunset Beats - Musical Event

This musical event will be organized at Hubba Hubba Sentral, KL Sentral, from Wednesday, October 28 till Friday, December 25 2015, on every Wednesday and Friday. So, from October to December, if you take a Kuala Lumpur city tour, you can keep yourself busy enjoying Jazz and contemporary music.

Joven Goce Band Nights at Tujo

From October 29 till the last Tuesday of December month (December 29),  on every Tuesday & Thursday, Joven Goce, seasoned musician, songwriter-singer from the Philippines will entertain the live audience at Tujo, KL City Centre. Joven has already performed in numerous musical festivals in Hong Kong. Joven moved to Malaysia in 2014, and he has been performing in several events in Malaysia since last year.

Quirky Wednesdays at Vineria, Bangsar, KL

At Vineria, you can enjoy amazing drinks with live, soul-touching music on every Wednesday, from November 4 till December 23 2015. From 5pm to 7.30 pm, on Wednesdays, you would be able to get a free glass of cocktail if you purchase one, and one free draught beer if you purchase 2.


Khayamia is known to be an Egyptian art form of tentmaking. This event will be held in January 2016 at the Islamic Art Museum, KL city centre. Khayamia has got stunningly transformed since the late Ottoman Empire time to the present day. People who are going to visit the museum, will get a chance to deeply understand how this transformation happened as they would be able to see and compare tents of old days and modern days.


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