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Buddhist Tourism in Malaysia

Posted By on 2015-04-19 in Blogs
Buddhist Tourism in Malaysia
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Places of religious importance for Buddhists - Buddhist Tourism in Malaysia

Witness the beauty of the peace-giving, magnificent Buddhist temples and monasteries in Malaysia. The serene, alluring Buddhist sites of Malaysia are magical – the visitors are destined to be left spell-bound. If you have chosen Malaysia to take up Buddhist tourism, be assured that your yearning for inner joy and liberation will be satisfied. Keep the worries aside; just enjoy your Buddhist tour to Malaysia with clean heart and clear mind!

Buddhism in Malaysia

The first largest religion in Malaysia is Islam and the second largest one is Buddhism. Mainly, Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Sri Lanakans practice Buddhism in this country. The religion was introduced to the Malaysian people in 200 BC. As per current statistics, around 20 percent population of Malaysia is following Buddhism. 

5 Most famous Buddhist temples of Malaysia

Brickfields Buddhist Temple

This Buddhist temple was built by the Sri Lankan Sinhalese community. The temple is also known as Buddhist Maha Vihara. This captivating Buddhist shrine is situated in the surrounding regions of the Kuala Lumpur city. The main reason for building this site was to provide a calm, caring, and peaceful environment for performing prayers and rituals to the Malaysian Buddhists ( particularly the Buddhist devotees who follow Theravada Buddhist tradition).

Wat chaiya Mangkalaram- Thai Buddhist Temple

This temple is a tremendous Thai temple, located in George Town, the capital of Penang state, Malaysia. With a number of striking features, this excellent Thai architecture is most famous for its noteworthy 'Reclining Buddha statue.' Main features include the eye-catching statuettes of Lord Buddha, attractive sculptures of numerous Thai deities, and colorful murals on the walls of the temple, portraying the life-story of Buddha. Another splendorous temple which is located alongside this temple is the stunning Dhammikarama temple.

Dhammikarama - Burmese Buddhist Temple

This magnificent temple is situated in Penang. Being the first Burmese temple for the Malaysian Buddhists, this temple secures a special position among all the Buddhist temples of Malaysia. This secluded, quiet site is known to be one of the favorite retreats of Buddhists in Malaysia.

Thean Hou - Chinese Buddhist Temple

Thean Hou temple, which is located in the Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is a stupendous Chinese temple - one of the largest temples (Chinese ) in Southern Asia. If you opt for a package tour of gotourister or other company that organizes tours in Kuala Lumpur and offers temple tour, city sightseeing tour, or customizable tour, you will certainly get a chance to see this temple since this site is one of the main tourist spots of KL.

Wat Chetawan – Thai Buddhist Temple

This grand Thai temple is situated in the Klang Valley of Malaysia. A number of religious activities are performed within the premises of this temple. The activities include daily prayer and Pali chanting in the morning and in the evening, at the main hall; numerous events are celebrated throughout the year.

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