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Indonesia Eases Immigration Ru
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Langkawi A Fairytale Destinati
LangKawi The destination that
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Malaysia Tour Operator's Blogs

People say that the beautiful Lombok has been created by God, and when God was creating this astonishing island, he kept smiling all the time. When we see this island, we can easily understand why God smiles upon this island! Recently, I took a pleasure trip to this less-popular Indonesian enclave with some of my friends. My trip was absolutely amazing and I could discover sever...
Posted By on 2016-08-12 in Blogs Read More
The central government has furthered eased its immigration regulations in a bid to pull more tourists to this archipelago nation and improve the flow of foreign investment into the country. The government already allowed easier entry for 169 countries, and it has now relaxed time limits for many others. President Joko Widodo inked the new regulation on ...
Posted By on 2016-07-21 in Blogs Read More
The Sabah state does not require any introduction since most of us already know about the state. With its legendary charm, the state is able to attract a large number of visitors. Sabah state is surrounded by a large ocean that looks stunning because of its attractive greenish blue color. The state is dotted with a hidden treasure of scenic islands. Natural beauty of the Sabah state attracts tourists from the distant as well as the nearby lands. ...
Posted By on 2016-07-14 in Blogs Read More
Upcoming events Music, Dance, Theater shows and Art Exhibitions in Kuala Lumpur    Kuala Lumpur is a busy metropolis that offers both visual and gastronomical delights to everyone who takes interest in exploring this city. lots of activities happen in KL all the time that mean...
Posted By on 2015-11-13 in Blogs Read More
Discover LangKawi – A Fairytale Destination in Malaysia Langkawi is a fairytale destination for the nature-lovers who take pride in exploring exotic beaches, lush forests, splendid waterfalls, old lakes, and other natural wonders. Settled against the stunning background of mighty mountains, there are countless natural trea...
Posted By on 2015-10-27 in Blogs Read More
LangKawi – The destination that will offer you the best of many worlds Langkawi offers some truly memorable sights. It additionally offers unforgettable, electrifying experiences to all its visitors. If you are seeking escape to a dreamland, LangKawi is the best destination – it will offer you the best of many worlds. So, visit the enchanting LangKawi islands f...
Posted By on 2015-10-15 in Blogs Read More
Lets plan a tour to Kuching, Malaysia One of the most amazing cities in Southeast Asia, Kuching is the capital of Sarawak state, Malaysia – the city is the most populous city of this state. In Malay, the meaning of Kuching is “Cat”, and the locals love to call it “The Cat City.” This glorious city is as unique as its name. It has a subtle beauty, grace, and charm of it...
Posted By on 2015-05-13 in Blogs Read More
Wesak 2015 – Let us celebrate Buddha's Birthday in Malaysia Malaysia is an ideal country for the fun-loving, the adventure freaks, the nature lovers, as well as, for the people who seek spiritual knowledge. If you have never been on a spiritual tour to Malaysia, you should take a trip soon! Ask an expert organizer and they will exceptionally plan a memorable spiritual tour to the paradise of Asia...
Posted By on 2015-05-02 in Blogs Read More
Malaysia is the ultimate travel destination. That’s a pretty big statement I know, but I think I’ve got the goods to back it up. Let me explain… ...
Posted By on 2015-05-02 in Blogs Read More
Places of religious importance for Buddhists - Buddhist Tourism in Malaysia Witness the beauty of the peace-giving, magnificent Buddhist temples and monasteries in Malaysia. The serene, alluring Buddhist sites of Malaysia are magical – the visitors are destined to be left spell-bound. If you have chosen Malaysia to take up Buddhist tourism, be as...
Posted By on 2015-04-19 in Blogs Read More
Kuala Lumpur Sightseeing Tour - for those who love to see sights! Are you a crazy traveler who is always interested in traveling? Do you love to see places and take extraordinary pictures of the captivating sights? Explore the pristine beauty of Kuala Lumpur! The splendid sights of Kuala Lumpur are the perfect visual delight for a travel enthusiast – they will soothe your eyes.  The KL city The ...
Posted By on 2015-04-18 in Blogs Read More
Make-It-Malaysia Tourism Campaign 2015 – A total of 200 participants, comprising of travel agents, media and TV crew from 14 cities in China, arrived in Malaysia on the 7th March to participate in the Make It Malaysia familiarization tour programme which is spearheaded by ...
Posted By on 2015-04-05 in Blogs Read More
In this blog I will talk about most popular tour which one must do if he or she visiting Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. But before I talk more about the most popular tour, I think I should give little information about Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia was founded in 1897 when the country was under British east India Company. It was named the capital in 1880 because Kuala Lumpur was most peaceful among all Malaysian cities ba...
Posted By on 2015-03-21 in Blogs Read More
There comes a time when you want to be in a place with great ambience and relaxing music playing instead of being holed up in your room during the weekend. Lucky for you, there is such a place for you to do so and it is a place strongly filled with the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee. A cafe can be the right place for you to spend the rest of the day immersed in your newly-bought book filled with hearty quotes. Unfortunately, the coffee shop isn’t the main ...
Posted By on 2015-03-11 in Blogs Read More
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